Managemyppc.coms Tips for PPC and AdWords Success in 2013

London, UK (PRWEB) January 16, 2013

2013 is going to be an interesting year for PPC marketers. Challenges and opportunities will come in almost equal measure and with this in mind the team at managemyppc.com have come up with a short list of tips.

So how will 2013 be different? For starters it looks like Cost per Click prices will increase after several years of relative stability. Secondly Google and Bing have both added increased functionality to ad formats and targeting. While on the face of it this may seem good it will in fact make it harder to optimise and test campaigns effectively. Expect also to see a number of new ad extensions rolled out this year. So on to the tips:

Quality Score

As ever Quality Score is the single most important factor for a successful PPC campaign. This is one thing that wont change in 2013 no matter what else does.

Separate Mobile Campaigns

With the rapid rise in the amount of mobile traffic separate campaigns for mobile and desktop will pay increasing dividends. Even if the objective is the same, rates of conversion and value between the two platforms will differ as will the best forms of ad copy.

Mobile Landing Pages and Sites

Creating specific landing pages for mobile and tablet users will be a must in 2013. Sites not optimised fully for mobile users will see a definite drop in profitability.

More information about AdWords management and strategies for success is available from the managemyppc.com website.

About Managemyppc.com

The ManageMyPPC team is led by veteran PPC and Online Business expert, A.M. Khan. A.M. has been managing client’s campaigns for over 10 years. His clients range from single successful solopreneurs to major advertisers who sometimes spend upwards of a million dollars a month. AM Khan and his team is also responsible for the development of many popular Google AdWords software tools that are used by thousands of agencies.

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