Manufacturers, Meet Google. Google, Meet NEO’s Manufacturers.

Manufacturers, Meet Google. Google, Meet NEO’s Manufacturers.
Event on 2015-07-16 09:00:00
That's right, representatives of the search engine giant Google are coming to Cleveland! Ask the questions you've always wanted to know, from search engine optimization, to paid search, to YouTube. This workshop is aimed at manufacturers of all sizes, regardless of your digital marketing experience. Learn valuable strategies that will get your business found – and drive profitable revenue for your company.   Along with Google, you’ll also hear from Fathom’s manufacturing marketing specialists and representatives from Pardot, a B2B marketing automation software provider. Manufacturers with digital marketing backgrounds will be present to provide insight into their own experiences and answer your questions. You’ll walk away from this workshop feeling ready to perform in the competitive and modern digital landscape.   How Modern Manufacturers are Leveraging Digital Marketing to Grow Their Businesses   9:00 – Welcome & Introductions – Fathom CEO Scot Lowry   9:15 – Keynote: Marketing in the Age of the Empowered Buyer– Jeff Herrmann, Chief Revenue Officer at Fathom 9:45 – Insights into the B2B Digital Landscape – Angie Perkins, Google Representative 10:30 – Break – Talk to Pardot & Google 10:45 – How to Run a Lean, Mean Content Marketing Machine – Phil Van Treuren, Digital Marketing Strategist at Fathom 11:30 – Nurturing Leads Throughout the Sales Funnel: How to Turn First Time Visitors into Sales Through Marketing Automation – Matthew Harris & Julian Erickson, Pardot Representatives   12:00 – Lunch – Talk to Google & Pardot   12-12:10 – MAGNET/Fathom comments from Sean Wenger & Matt Fieldman   12:30 – Campaign & Lead Attribution: CRM Concepts for Marketers – Leah Hadgis, CRM Manager at Fathom, and Andy Walton, Director of Digital Solutions at Fathom   1:00 – Manufacturers’ Panel: Digital Marketing in the Manufacturing Industry – Sarah Hay of Akron Brass, Jessica Heffernan of ECHO Engineering, and Marlo Emch, Director of Digital Solutions at Fathom   1:40 – Closing Thoughts: Integrating Tactics for Comprehensive, Full Funnel Marketing – Jeff Sobieraj, Business Development Manager at Fathom, Maren Dickey, Digital Solutions Specialist at Fathom, and Stacey Stingley, Digital Marketing Specialist at Fathom 2:00 – Closing Thank Yous – Jeff Sobieraj, Business Development Manager at Fathom       This event coordinated in close partnership with our partners at Fathom.  

at MAGNET Innovation Center
1768 East 25th Street
Cleveland, United States

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