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Map Linked Explore

Image by laszlo-photo
Try the map links I added to each note… I prefer "Hybrid" mode.

1. Big Beach at Makena, 2. Copa, 3. Gulls – Ship Island, Mississippi, 4. Eerie Ice, 5. Party Balloon, 6. Flamingo Tongue Snail in Profile, 7. ifc, 8. Regal Queen,

9. Cuyahoga River Flats, 10. Lake Erie Gulls and Freighter, 11. No Thanks, I Had Soft Coral for Lunch!, 12. Holyrood Abbey, 13. Something Fishy…, 14. Joshua Tree, 15. Gulls on the Moorings, 16. Pretty in Pink,

17. Gurnard on the Wing, 18. Brain Coral, 19. How ’bout a Hug?, 20. Pillar Coral B&W Macro, 21. Spotted Trunkfish Peek-a-boo, 22. Arms Across the Water, 23. "Lazy Fish", 24. Coral Sol – Arraial do Cabo

7 thoughts on “Map Linked Explore

  1. Now these are all great shots, but how do you find the time to do all of this technical stuff to make this composition and have time left to take photographs!!! Vince

  2. Hey Vince… I’ll admit, adding little notes and tags is NO substitute for a good photo-dive. 😀 It didn’t really take that long, since most of my photos are geotagged already. But the screwy lttle notes did take me over a half hour. I hope to be in the Pacific this fall, maybe off Panama or Costa Rica. Then, I’ll be more busy photographing than Flickring. O)

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