Map shows Web use around the world

Map shows Web use around the world
The result: a color-coded image that basically maps global usage of those unprotected computers. The hacker pinged each one, following its path and gathering data. The resulting colorful map is the result of all that data collection: yellows and reds …
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Gold Line construction authority posts maps, detailed info for Foothill
The Metro Gold Line Foothill Extension Construction Authority unveiled interactive online maps and more detailed information on its website this week about ongoing construction activities, road closures and detours related to the 11.5-mile alignment …
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News in Brief: Twitter maps New York City, language by language
A map of non-English tweets sent in New York shows distinct regions for certain languages: Spanish (blue), Dutch (light pink), Russian (fuchsia), Korean (green), Portuguese (red), Japanese (yellow), Danish (gray), German (light blue) and Indonesian …
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