MapQuest Route Planner Will Plan and Optimize Your Route

MapQuest Route Planner Will Plan and Optimize Your Route MapQuest has released a route planner that will optimize a route for up to 25 addresses. One of the best features of the Route Planner is that you can save your map to view on your iPhone or view later. It is a tremendous time saver to be able to map multiple addresses and optimize my route. The MapQuest Route Planner and iPhone are great tools for the mobile real estate professional.

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5 Responses to MapQuest Route Planner Will Plan and Optimize Your Route

  1. Sparkling apps says:

    If you want info on nearby places, but you don’t have Siri, check out the new app ‘Place’ instead. It works in many more countries than Siri, and it even uses augmented reality to show you where to go! Check it here:­id511858002?ls=1&mt=8

  2. RobRealestate says:

    Hi There, How come I can not see saved maps on my iPhone 4, after login? Thanks,

  3. stevo7518 says:

    i have the same issue is there any work around through this? i.e. saving to my maps using mapquest classic or any other ideas?

  4. REblissdotcom says:

    Unfortunately I have noticed this happen with the latest update to the iPhone app. I hope MapQuest will fix this soon. I love being able to create a map on my desktop and then be able to access it on my iPhone.

  5. Arthur Moore says:

    Hi Brian, I hope you can help me out. I’m trying to use the new route planner, but when I input multiple addresses and save it and then go to my iphone app, there is no map saved in “My Maps”. I can only save a map when I use MapQuest Classic. Are you having the same problem? Thanks, Arthur.

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