Maps – Ada

Ada’s cover of Map’s by the yeah yeah yeahs.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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18 Responses to Maps – Ada

  1. armednation says:

    great !!!

  2. dancemotorage says:


  3. edgarmaan says:

    Me too loves asphalt.

  4. BritneyScris says:

    ese portiño!

  5. thepandemoniumpsb says:

    me gusta  este tema de la puta mare gracias mario silvania

  6. franknwalters says:

    one of the best covers I’ve ever heard …

  7. Moeksie00 says:

    omg good music love it just founded the artist like last week !!!!!!

  8. federick1991 says:

    haha ad

  9. spudkovic007 says:


  10. hardporecorn says:

    Love this love this love this

  11. kokomplom says:

    one of my ol time favs

  12. Priya Virdi says:

    My girlfriend’s name is Ada ;o!

  13. OrtonsLaw says:

    lol dude

  14. JustAnotherEmoFreak says:

    i know a girl called ada!

  15. czarnademolka says:

    My me too ;] [ tzn. My name is Ada xDD ]

  16. d4d494 says:

    oh, I have the same name 😀

  17. mizkisskatt says:


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