Maps & Atlases – Everyplace Is A House (Live at Reggie’s)

Maps & Atlases - Everyplace Is A House (Live at Reggie's)

Maps & Atlases performing “Everyplace Is A House” live at Reggie’s Rock Club in Chicago, IL. This took place on May 14th, 2009 at AEMMP Records Industry Nigh…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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17 Responses to Maps & Atlases – Everyplace Is A House (Live at Reggie’s)

  1. Tim Doran says:

    Back in the Days where Dave was out-bearded

  2. willzer808 says:

    Excellent players, good track, lame vocals man, not cool

  3. Jeff Roalson says:

    that’d be funny if it literally exploded.

  4. RichJ Rod says:


  5. IMapb says:

    please put this song on ROCK BAND! i wanna play it so bad haha

  6. sk8rdude5zune says:

    if the drumming was anymore complex, he would be juggling.

  7. SpitfiretheDJ says:

    Love how every math rock band’s drummer has a near seizure while still remaining fairly composed and being awesome on the drums.

  8. GeddyLee67 says:

    just goes to show, its not the size of the drum set, its how you use it.

  9. Sam Ramos says:

    i love how it goes from a fairly docile rhythm/melody and then literally explodes with notes and polyrhythms

  10. itsrekka says:

    cant believe that was real……..that was so awesome

  11. Tim H says:

    =_) It truly makes me so proud to know that I have been a fan for almost 4 years and that M&A are still goin’ hard live! Not nearly as fast, but equally as DOPE!!!! FRESHMEN YEAR===SOP===JUN===>>>SENIOR YEAR

  12. IMapb says:

    thats what a bassist should look like

  13. Ian Lewis says:

    Chris Hainey, god of drums.

  14. RebelStudi0 says:

    Harry Potter should be proud of his teacher.

  15. therealverdikt says:

    Why does it resemble like Gary Numan’s Cars?

  16. jeeshwa123 says:

    You think that’s bad? Look up Hella or Lightning Bolt. xD

  17. astralfireband says:

    Fans of Maps and Atlases should check us out and subscribe!!

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