Maps & Atlases – “Remote & Dark Years” (Official Video)

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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14 Responses to Maps & Atlases – “Remote & Dark Years” (Official Video)

  1. maxcaviar says:

    undoubtedly leftists who promote giving everything to the “poor”, yet they destroy and apparently functional vehicle for “art.”

  2. LoveMusic3031 says:

    If you like this band then check out People In Other Peoples Places.

  3. videosofsorts says:

    i got it just fine.i felt the concept was too shortsighted and the execution of that concept was completely destructive to the intended correlations between the lyrics and imagery… which really hindered any sort of emotional connection to either. i’d love to like this video and i’m glad you enjoyed it, but assuming anyone who didn’t love this video just didn’t get it is presumptuous & completely erroneous. i still love this song. i just find the video to be clumsy, misguided, & a little trite.

  4. maveryk says:

    let me explain it for the laymen out there. no one cares if you like this video. if you cant understand the story it paints with the song thats on you. you should learn about imagery. My interpretation.. they are leaving something behind, what, who, or where they are going to or coming from is erroneous. the point is they are leaving whatever it was behind because they are tired of “remote and dark years” . just a little help for the short bus contingent that stumble on this video

  5. maveryk says:

    of course you dont get it youre an idiot.. honestly i dont know why anyone would “like “ such a useless comment on such a great song with a great video that may not change the world but fits the song very well and also is entertaining..

  6. Aly Tellez says:

    I couldn’t stop myself from saying what might seem theatrical to you <3

  7. 90cerr says:

    Honestly, this album made me stop listening to Maps and Atlases. I loved their early stuff and even Perch Patchwork, but for some odd reason, this album just didn’t do for me :/ I honestly got bored and even a little annoyed…some of the songs were catchy but later just got boring, really disappointed with this album.

  8. RebuildHardcore says:

    Just enjoy this for what it is, don’t apply expectations to it.

  9. david briggs says:

    itd take 9 hits of lsd to enjoy the music video, but good song!

  10. bslz65 says:

    shut the fuck up about this band. you cant do math rock for fucking ever. it gets old. plus would you want every album to sound the same? bands mature and focus on other things or else theyd get bored. this is a beautiful song and the album is great. stop comparing the past with the present

  11. APOSSE ADESSE says:


  12. MsKamillebidan says:

    wait a second…THAT’S MY FUCKING CAR

  13. Cohen Karnell says:

    wow, what a perfect example of an excellent song with a terrible music video. is this shit supposed to be edgy? is there a deeper lying message? (lol). Maps & Atlases is one of my favorite bands but this video is horse shit.

  14. maveryk says:

    shut your useless mouth.. just because you don’t like or have the mental capacity to understand where he’s coming from doesn’t mean it’s shit. your moms shit. but thats my opinion o i guess its youtube true

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