Maps google – yahoo

Maps google – yahoo

Image by Gertrud K.
These are the maps as shown by google and flickr/yahoo, respectively in highest resolution – hybrid view, of the Korean Garden in Berlin, which was opend in April 2006. The yahoo maps are at least 2 years old and not very detailed. They have to do much more work on it to be really useful.

January 2009: since I created this pic google became much better and yahoo is always the same. Till now yahoo doesn’t show any trace of this garden.

Best geotagging tool I know: Localize Bookmarklet – Map Your Flickr Photos!. Here is the flickr discussion about the bookmarklet

See where this picture was taken. [?]

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2 Responses to Maps google – yahoo

  1. Reiner H. says:

    Google is not in every area up to date: Now they show a version of that area that is about 5 years old.

  2. Little♥Krawler says:

    Ja das ist es …..die Aufnahmen sind teilweise Jahre alt. Aber ich finde es immer sehr interessant aus der Vogelperspektive Dinge anzuschauen.

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