Maps, ‘You Don’t Know Her Name’

James, plyayed by Didier Leplae, is a garage inventor who single-handedly builds a masterpiece. He creates a tall, lithe, beautiful female android. And when she comes to life, he does what any man would do. James makes her his partner for the community dance-a-thon. This video also features Milwaukee Dancing Sensations Myke and Debbi. Commondeer Films Director Toben Seymour Producer Justin Benoliel Cinematographer Ross Riege Editor Ryan Bartley Written by Nathan Lackie and Toben Production Designer Matt Lackie Art Engineers Rodeo DeZur and Kevin Morrow Color By Ghost Town Puppeteers Kurt Hartwig, Joan Williamson, Andy North and Toben Seymour Special Thanks to Purple Onion Productions
Video Rating: 4 / 5

23 thoughts on “Maps, ‘You Don’t Know Her Name’

  1. No it’s not.It is the music vid for the Mecury Award (British Grammy)winning band/song in 2007. The vid was also a YahooMusic “Who’s Next” Finalist at that time.I know because we are the featured Dancers in the vid.

  2. Maps… What can we say… Wonderfull!!! Keep making your wonderfull work, I´m wainting!!!!!!!!!! One of the best surprises I’ve had in my 41 years old.

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