Marble Media LLCs Names the Top U.S. City for Bedbugs

FORT LEE, New Jersey, (PRWEB) February 01, 2013

In a new blog, online magazine reports that the Orkin Pest Control Company has found Chicago to be the top city for bed bugs in the U.S. According to, the Windy City displaced Cincinnati for the dubious honor. says pest control company Orkin released the new list of bedbug service calls made throughout the U.S. in 2012. From that list, ranks Orkin’s top 50 bedbug cities, which may have some residents scratching more than their heads.

The blog says that Chicago had been the number two city in America for bedbugs in 2011, and Cincinnati held the number one spot. In 2012, Detroit moved up one spot to become the number two bedbug haven, while Los Angeles was named to the number three spot and Denver number four. Cincinnati dropped to the number five spot in 2012. reports that the bedbug-exterminating business is up 33 percent nationally for Orkin parent company Rollins, which operates eight U.S. pest control companies across the U.S.

The Seattle-Tacoma metro area moved up 14 spots to land in the number 13 bedbug hotspot, while Indianapolis, Omaha, Milwaukee, Hartford-New Haven, Knoxville, Charleston-Huntington, Cedar Rapids-Waterloo and Minneapolis all recorded significant rises in bedbug populations in 2012.

On the bright side, Atlanta, Charlotte, Honolulu, and Las Vegas all experienced significant drops in their bedbug populations. Salt Lake City and Philadelphia improved their bedbug problem well enough to be eliminated from the top 50.

Bedbugs are a growing problem in U.S. cities, despite near eradication after World War II.

Bedbugs traveled to North America with European colonists, and for centuries people accepted the fact that bedbugs were an unavoidable fact of life. After World War II, the development of strong pesticides came into widespread use, and bedbugs almost disappeared. By the early 1970s, pesticides like DDT were found to be harmful to humans and were banned from use. But bedbugs had been all but forgotten by then.

Travelers to areas that had active bedbug populations were bringing them home as stowaways in luggage and on clothing, and began re-infesting cities that had been bedbug-free for decades.

Hotels are at the top of the list of places in which bedbugs hide out, although they have also infiltrated airplanes, theaters, buses, trains, subways, prisons and dormitories. tells readers to learn what bedbugs look like in order to identify them before bringing them into the home. Adult bedbugs are similar in size and color to apple seeds, while their newly-hatched offspring the size of a pinhead and pale in color.

According to, the top 10 cities for bedbugs in the U.S. are:

1. Chicago

2. Detroit

3. Los Angeles

4. Denver

5. Cincinnati

6. Columbus, Ohio

7. Washington, D.C.

8. Cleveland/Akron/Canton

9. Dallas/Ft. Worth

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