Mario Kart 8 – 150cc Mushroom Cup – 3 Star Ranking

Mario Kart 8 - 150cc Mushroom Cup - 3 Star Ranking

Mario Kart 8 (Wii U) 150cc Mushroom Cup Grand Prix with a 3 star ranking. I’ll try to use a different character and vehicle in these 150cc videos just to mix it up. In this video I used Yoshi…

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15 Responses to Mario Kart 8 – 150cc Mushroom Cup – 3 Star Ranking

  1. SunnyCrappy says:

    Didn’t Nintendo block your video in several countries? Thay claimed all my MK8 videos and blocked a few of them in several countries.

  2. Micka p Gamer says:

    Can you please do Mario sunshine or is that not a option?

  3. JenovaDoll says:

    3:07 Can some explain what 1/6 means at the top left corner? 

  4. deepseareppy says:

    These tracks are beautiful!

  5. Hun Esp says:

    Yay! :)

  6. HolyCross9 says:

    You’re lucky to have been shot by a Blue Shell a few times. Whenever I played at 150 cc on Mario Kart Wii, I often get hit by a blue shell constantly whenever I reach first place.

  7. bulletproofsoroosh1 says:

    No ending ceremony?

  8. goldmausobd says:

    Very nice bro! Like

  9. Eduardo Smanioto says:

    FINALLY no one talking shit during ALL THE VIDEO! i hate that kind of vid, and it seems like nintendo paid them to talk like “omg this is so fun i shit myself” “the antigravity is SO COOL OMG LOOK!” and stuff like that -_- im waiting for my copy and im excited too but its not like im gonna go all crazy playing this you know?

  10. brandon smith says:

    Your really good!

  11. Schmedley says:


  12. Ayden McGee says:

    Packattack, how did you get that boost at the start?

  13. TheLegitJoker1940 says:

    How do you throw items backward?

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