Maris Lane releases new single, “21 Grams”, and talks about their upcoming EP “Reflections”

Philadelphia, PA (PRWEB) September 03, 2012

Last Thursday, up-and-coming metalcore act Maris Lane released the official single off their new EP entitled “Reflections.”

“’21 Grams is about questioning yourself and the direction your life is headed,” says front man Cameron Wood, “For the single, we wanted a song that really connected with fans, not the one with the most breakdowns and cheap thrills. We were unanimous on the decision.”

Produced and Engineered by Jake Caramancio of Philly Sound Studios, “Reflections” promises to put speakers to the test. When asked about the project, Caramancio stated, “We set out to make a record with great songs and a natural sound rather than an over-edited, digitized version of the band and I feel that we’ve achieved that.”

Cameron gave his final thoughts on what fans should expect: “I think this release shows a new, more personal side of our band. We focused on honesty in the lyrics. Rather than what currently sounds cool, we got together and wrote music for ourselves and the end result is our most aggressive and emotional release to date.”

1. A Promise

2. 21 Grams

3. Raison D’

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