Marissa Mayer unveils new Yahoo! homepage

The Yahoo! CEO shows off the website’s newly launched design changes.
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8 thoughts on “Marissa Mayer unveils new Yahoo! homepage

  1. Yahoo’s CEO and Homepage designers have OCD. Once they change it and people adapt to it, they’re like “Oh No! We must change it again for the 1 millionth time!”

  2. I wouldn’t mind it so much if I could personalize it. I’m not into sports, so for the last hour I’ve had to go through and tell yahoo not to show me stories about sports. Why can’t I just click on the sports section and tell it not to show me any sports story’s instead of having to go through and click each story and tell it I don’t want to see this. Was so much easier and cleaner the way it was. No thanks yahoo, not interested in what you like anymore than you are of what I like.

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