Marissa Mayer unveils new Yahoo! homepage

The Yahoo! CEO shows off the website’s newly launched design changes.
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8 Responses to Marissa Mayer unveils new Yahoo! homepage

  1. drawingdude267 says:

    Yahoo’s CEO and Homepage designers have OCD. Once they change it and people adapt to it, they’re like “Oh No! We must change it again for the 1 millionth time!”

  2. tallguysd says:

    And the Oscar for worst new hompage goes to Yahoo!

  3. tallguysd says:

    The new Hompage sucks.

  4. gandalfheng says:

    Fantastic! She uses a MacBook Pro!

  5. ReneeNme says:

    Oh of course Mayer likes the damned thing. It looks like a teenaged girls room. All purply and crap with nonsense scattered all over the place.

  6. ReneeNme says:

    Yahoo knows their users can’t stand the new fucking thing. DON’T TRY TO FIX WHAT’S NOT BROKEN !!! You stupid biatch !!!

  7. cham77777 says:

    The new homepage sucks and so does she, get rid of her. I switched to MSN.

  8. Prence says:

    I wouldn’t mind it so much if I could personalize it. I’m not into sports, so for the last hour I’ve had to go through and tell yahoo not to show me stories about sports. Why can’t I just click on the sports section and tell it not to show me any sports story’s instead of having to go through and click each story and tell it I don’t want to see this. Was so much easier and cleaner the way it was. No thanks yahoo, not interested in what you like anymore than you are of what I like.

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