17 Replies to “Marissa Mayer’s 3 biggest decisions as Yahoo CEO”

  1. VIDEO: Marissa Mayer’s 3 biggest decisions as Yahoo CEO – With company stock up over 100% since she began running the company 16 months ago, Mayer reflects on her choices to date. #FortuneMPW #MarissaMayer 

  2. who uses yahoo any more is only full of stupid mindless news about gossip. Oh i m sorry I think alot women are using yahoo very much like the music industry of today and look what it has become.

  3. one thing, if the office is in the middle of nowhere and you need to travel a lot it is hard to be motivated. if the office is close to home then I agree that it is great to be in the office even longer hours. because you are free to enjoy work and you are relaxed that whatever happens you are not faraway from home. I loose all motivation to work because I have to travel longtime to get to my job and also the office is so noisy that I can’t hear my thoughts… Indeed I can’t do anything during the day and I have to work from home anyway on my evenings without the noise so that I can have my work done…

  4. This woman thinks exactly the same way as me… I should meet her :))) she is smart but also crazy ( very open minded, that’s what people often find crazy) … that’s my female me :)))))

  5. MARISSA MARISSA>……Gemini are smart..talkative..but without an ARIES to put things in motion and PISCES to have innovative ideas….you can NOT do ..too many things..:)))

  6. BTW, that’s where she failed ,, When did you ever see a drop ceiling in a construction trailer,, expose these people, tell everyone you know , she’s a fraud, look it up on XDISCIPLEBLOGSPOT (D O T C O M)

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