Marissa Mayer's days at Yahoo! could be numbered

Marissa Mayer's days at Yahoo! could be numbered
Marissa Mayer had better quell the crisis at Yahoo! soon — or she'll be out of a job, one Wall Street analyst said Friday. SunTrust's Robert Peck said Yahoo!'s embattled chief could be gone within a year amid growing investor concerns about mounting …
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Deadly Paris attacks reveal 'next stage of IS': experts
Beirut (AFP) – The Islamic State group's ability to carry out the deadly Paris attacks that it has claimed reveals the growing sophistication and reach of the global jihadist network, analysts said Saturday. At least 128 people were killed in gun and …
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Getting Bullish on Yahoo!
McKinsey was reportedly hired to explore the sale of some Yahoo! units. The McKinsey retainer suggests Yahoo! leadership understands that pressure is mounting as the stock slides further. The April expiration was selected to provide a broad window for …
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