Mark Rendle On TypeScript

Mark Rendle On TypeScript
Event on 2013-03-21 19:00:00

Mark Rendle, speaker, MVP and author of Simple.Data and Simple.Web is back to talk about TypeScript, the language for application-scale JavaScript development – []

Mark will be discussing the impact of TypeScript to you as a developer, and particularly as a member of a development team, including the following:

  • The language, or the extra syntax TypeScript adds to JavaScript;
  • TypeScript tooling for Visual Studio;
  • TypeScript in Windows 8 Store apps;
  • Using TypeScript outside Visual Studio and .NET;
  • A look at the TypeScript ecosystem that is already appearing;
  • Appendix A: The Bad Parts

If you're working on a JavaScript project of any real size or scope, you owe it to yourself to at least evaluate TypeScript and see what it can offer your team. This talk will get you started.

at E-Innovation Centre, Telford Campus

Trench, United Kingdom

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