market 1

market 1

Image by tim caynes
The rooftops of the permanent outdoor market in Norwich which was opened by Norman. I climbed on stall 43 to take this and now I smell of chips and milky drinks.
Norwich, Norfolk, UK
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6 Responses to market 1

  1. harry harris says:

    ‘I climbed on stall 43 to take this’ Ooooh, you fibber!! It was 45.

  2. TMink says:

    Amazing colors, strong composition.

  3. Caro Wallis says:

    Thought they were deckchairs at first! Great perspective!

  4. yoel herzberg says:

    Tim, this is amazingly beautiful!

  5. tim caynes says:

    nice, thanks!

  6. hera ariani says:

    can i put in on my desktop? ^_^

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