Market Climbers Introduces Social Media Consulting

Olathe, KS (PRWEB) July 31, 2013

Social Media Consulting has become not only a key ingredient but a cornerstone in the world of online marketing. As of 2012, the average person spent over 3 hours and 7 minutes online each day. It is obvious that any serious marketing campaign include social media consulting techniques.

Market Climbers has focused on utilizing online marketing to drive targeted traffic for its clients for over 5 years. Market Climbers has always taken a holistic approach to marketing, combining excellent well researched design, search engine optimization, email marketing, and traditional marketing to offer a unique and customizable experience to its clients. That holistic approach now includes Social Media Marketing.

With a team of article writers with extensive experience, Market Climbers provides custom research and handcrafted articles. This custom content is delivered to offer a complete approach to clients Social Media. Whether a library of tweets, custom blog articles, or highly targeted videos, Market Climbers takes the research and work from the clients and offers a hands off approach to marketing.

In addition to custom content, Market Climbers takes Social Media Marketing and combines it with its top notch Search Engine Marketing and Traditional Marketing. This combination exponentially increases the exposure and sales. The extensive experience and marketing options provided by Market Climbers enables it to truly be a consulting firm and not merely an SEO company. Brian Roehm, owner of Market Climbers, remarks “Marketing must be more than through one channel. Customers do more than one thing and go to more than one place. A true marketing firm must leverage many different channels to achieve the number of touches required to make a sale.”

As it continues to pioneer new marketing techniques, Market Climbers will continue to lead their clients above the crowd. “We understand the market climate for new businesses. Search engine rankings has always been important and is quickly becoming vital to the ongoing success of businesses of all sizes. Over 85% of all traffic comes in the form of Search Engine Traffic and the internet is becoming an almost exclusive avenue for finding products and services.” Market Climbers is an excellent vehicle in helping businesses reach the summit of their respective markets in record time.

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