Market Publishers Ltd and AsiaBIZ Strategy Pte Ltd Sign Partnership Agreement

London, UK (PRWEB) April 29, 2015

Market Publishers Ltd and AsiaBIZ Strategy Pte Ltd signed a partnership agreement for quality market research promotion on the Internet. is now authorized to distribute and sell AsiaBIZ Strategy Pte Ltd reports.

AsiaBIZ Strategy Pte Ltd is a Singapore-headquartered firm, focusing on elaborating a vast set of strategies for customers mainly from Asias 20 leading countries since its foundation in 2002. The companys service offerings comprise, among others, strategy development, financial advisory, marketing and sales consulting, B2B market research, partner search, fundraising in the private equity industry, and public sector consulting. We are happy that AsiaBIZ Strategy Pte Ltd has become our new partner and are upbeat about the prospects of our business relationships hereafter, commented Natalie Aster, Assistant Manager at Partners Department.

New market reports by AsiaBIZ Strategy Pte Ltd:

Industrial Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Market Report: Vietnam. The report provides a comprehensive analysis of the Vietnamese industrial air conditioning and refrigeration market. It presents accurate data on the market size (value and volume) by product (compressors, compressor units, chilling units, condensing units, bespoke packages, cooling towers, heat exchangers, unit cooler/secondary air products) and industrial market segment(petrochemical, pharmaceutical, chemicals, food, drinks, cold storage). It provides detailed market value and growth rate forecasts for various types of industrial machinery. Coverage of local market growth strategy is provided, too.

Industrial Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Market Report: Malaysia. The research study provides a comprehensive guide to the Malaysian market for industrial air conditioning & refrigeration equipment. It presents an in-depth analysis of the market size by industrial market segment and product, in value and volume terms. The report provides detailed projections for industrial machinery, including air conditioning machines; refrigerators, freezers and other freezing or refrigerating equipment; and medical, surgical or laboratory sterilizers. Furthermore, it gives insights into the cluster map, sales route, issues and policies (by industrial segment); offers industrial HVACR EPC profiles, along with profiles of major competitors.

More details on the publisher and its reports can be found at AsiaBIZ Strategy Pte Ltd page.

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