Market Publishers Ltd and Investment & Research Sign Partnership Agreement

London, UK (PRWEB) July 31, 2014

Market Publishers Ltd and Investment & Research (I&R) signed a partnership agreement for quality market research promotion on Internet. is now authorised to distribute and sell research reports prepared by I&R.

Whilst commenting upon the recent partnership agreement with I&R Natalie Aster, Assistant Manager at Partners Department, said: Investment & Research is a fully independent company, proving top-level and trustworthy information on 22 various global and also country-wide industries with a particular focus on emerging markets. The list of the companys product offerings includes research reports, business forecast reports, periodical newsletters, industry and channel analyses, consultancy services, etc. I&Rs publications are tailored to the customers business needs and give a hand in taking investment and marketing decisions and also planning effective business strategies. We are sure that our partner relationships with I&R will be beneficial to both our companies and, at the same time, to our valued clients.

In-demand Research Studies Elaborated by I&R Include:

The Venezuela Oil & Gas Report 2014. The report offers a comprehensive analysis of the oil and gas sector in Venezuela along with a whole pack of authoritative data on the countrys industry performance current and present. The research study grants access to a set of accurate statistics illustrating the domestic oil and gas production and consumption, imports and exports. It presents a detailed analysis of the key market growth drivers and resistors, points out the key market challenges and opportunities, touches upon the prevailing market trends and also gives a thorough examination of the key industry sectors. In addition, the study provides extensive projections for the Venezuelan oil and gas industry performance through 2019.

The Saudi Arabia Oil & Gas Report 2014. A holistic view of the oil and gas market scenario in Saudi Arabia supplemented by a set of reliable information on the historical and present industry performance is provided in the research report. The study gives attention to the major market drivers, limiters, trends, opportunities and threats; gives a detailed competitive analysis, presents an all-round overview of the key market segments, and also discusses the hottest industry issues. Accurate statistics on the domestic oil and gas capacity, production and consumption is available in the report along with a set of market forecasts through 2019.

The Nigeria Oil & Gas Report 2014. Deep insights into the Nigerian oil and gas market landscape along with important information on the historical and present industry performance are presented in the report. The topical study gives trustworthy statistics illustrating the countrys oil and gas capacity, consumption, supply, exports and imports; throws light on the top market development trends; offers a detailed analysis of the main factors shaping the market. Moreover, the study outlines the future growth prospects of the Nigerian oil and gas market as well as gives a pack of 5-year market forecasts.

The Iraq Oil & Gas Report 2014. An all round assessment of the oil and gas market in Iraq is available in the research report along with a wealth of information on the historical background and current state of the industry. The report discusses the major market trends, scrutinizes the key factors influencing the market growth, points out the top market growth opportunities and threats. It grants access to updated statistics on the domestic production, demand, foreign trade and capacity. The topical report delves into the competitive environment, presents a detailed analysis of the market segments and provides expectations of the future industry performance.

More details on the publisher and its studies can be found at I&R page.

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