Market Publishers Ltd and Seneca Consultants SPRL Sign Partnership Agreement

Market Publishers Ltd and Seneca Consultants SPRL signed a partnership agreement for quality market research promotion on Internet. is now authorised to distribute and sell research reports prepared by Seneca Consultants SPRL.

In her comments on the recently signed partnership agreement Natalie Aster, Assistant Manager at Partners Department, said: Seneca Consultants SPRL is an independent research and consulting group. The companys goal is to deliver top quality research, information and advice on key market trends, business models, policies and regulations, investment attractiveness and novel products. By offering comprehensive and reliable data, the company is targeted to assisting its clients in identifying key opportunities for profitable business growth and innovation. We are looking forward to building durable and long-lasting relationships with Seneca, which, we believe, cannot but be of benefit to both parties as well as our clients across the globe.

In-demand Market Research Report by Seneca Consultants SPRL Include:

Global Trade Report. UK Wine Market & Import Growth – Market trends, imports, forecasts, growth, price movements of French, Italian, Spanish, Australian, US & other major wines. The UK wine market is recovering strongly as the national economy keeps on improving. This represents a major breaking point, with huge growth potential across a host of types of wines. Meantime, other wines are facing severe competition and decreasing market share ahead. The research report provides a strategic analysis of the countrys wine trade at present, the competitiveness of various wines in the marketplace, and detailed forecasts (short-term to 2016-end, as well as long-term up to 2019) of future growth. The study provides an all-round overview of wine imports from the globes 11 leading producers comprising Italian, French, Australian, Spanish, Argentine, Chilean, German, the US, New Zealand, Portuguese, South African and other wines. The report gives insights into key market drivers influencing the nations wine imports, comprising wages, GDP growth, currency and inflation. It also provides an in-depth analysis of various market segments based on the development of market share by supplying country and also growth forecasts by value and volume; an analysis of import unit prices and retail prices in tandem with trends in the evolution of unit prices by country of origin.

More details on the publisher and its research reports can be found at Seneca Consultants SPRL page.

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