Market Publishers Ltd and WBISS Sign Partnership Agreement

Market Publishers Ltd and WBISS Consulting Co., Ltd. (WBISS) signed a partnership agreement for quality market research promotion on Internet. is now authorised to distribute and sell research reports developed by WBISS.

WBISS is a leading stand-alone consultancy focused on niche industry sectors, including crop farming, food and food ingredients, agrochemicals, human and animal health industries, amid others. The companys key products and services comprise market research and analysis, commodities trade and price monitoring, company intelligence, industry data and advisory work. WBISS boasts its dedicated group of professionals with ten years relevant experience, which exploit mature research methodologies and approaches as well as demonstrate client-centered working attitude. The company maintains good relationships and cooperation with think-tanks, enterprises, industry professionals, and associations, making the information source more exhaustive and the result more reliable. We are assured that out cooperation will WBISS will lead to positive outcomes for both parties, and also will be highly beneficial to our transnational customers, commented Natalie Aster, Assistant Manager at Partners Department.

Comprehensive Studies by WBISS:

China Bio-Pesticides Market Report 2015 Edition. The worldwide consumption of bio-pesticides posted a sharp increase in the last few years, at 18%-20% CAGR during 2007-2014. China is one of important countries in terms of bio-pesticides consumption and supply. There are currently over 200 bio-pesticides manufacturers and more than 20 kinds of commercialised bio-pesticides in the country. The Chinese market for bio-pesticides accounted for around 10%-15% of the globally. The report provides a detailed, reliable analysis of Chinas bio-pesticides industry. It presents key statistics on the status of the industry, covering the current and future trends of the countrys bio-pesticides market. The study also offers detailed profiles of the top 20 bio-pesticides players, including contact details, major products and their production.

China Microbial Pesticides Market Report 2015 Edition. The research study offers a comprehensive analysis on the current and future trends of Chinas microbial pesticides industry. It presents insights into registration of the countrys microbial pesticides as of May 2015; supply situation of microbial pesticides in China during 2010 H1 2015, presenting granular capacity and output data; qualitative analysis for export situation in the recent past; consumption situation, segmented based on products and crops; demand and supply forecast to 2020 and the major driving forces; insightful discussion of 10 typical microbial pesticide products; profiles of the ten leading market players, covering contact information, main products and their production.

China Bio-Fungicides Market Report 2015 Edition. With peoples growing awareness of environmental protection and sustainable development, pesticide residues in food, the application of bio-fungicides has great breakthrough in recent years. Bio-fungicides are poised to have bright prospects in the years to come. The report is a detailed guide to the Chinese bio-fungicides market. It describes the registration situation of bio-fungicides as of May 2015, examines the supply and consumption situation of domestic bio-fungicides, reviews the six typical bio-fungicide products, offers extensive forecast of supply and demand from 2015 to 2020. Profiles of 10 key bio-fungicides players are included as well.

More details on the publisher and its reports can be found at WBISS page.

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