Market Square, Enniscorthy

Market Square, Enniscorthy

Image by National Library of Ireland on The Commons
Had hoped that the boards leaning up against Jordan’s windows on the right there were news posters, but it looks like a bar and they’re ads for whiskies. However, some dating information might be gleaned from the posters in the windows for a Collection to do with the Cathedral, and a Passion Play.

Photographer: Poole Photographic Studios, Waterford

Date: Early 1890s?? (Definitely between 1884 when bell tower was added to St. Aidan’s Cathedral and 1908 when third storey was added to the Market House)

NLI Ref.: P_WP_0478

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8 Responses to Market Square, Enniscorthy

  1. swordscookie says:

    Hey! I was there just last week and took a rake of shots but did not try that POV. Nice one Carol.

  2. swordscookie says:

    The cathedral is gorgeous, designed by Pugin it is beautifully decorated inside.

  3. National Library of Ireland on The Commons says:

    [] Pugin was a busy chap! And you might at least let me know your travel itinerary in advance of departure. Then I could check photos, and you could snoop around while you’re gallivanting… :)

  4. DannyM8 says:

    Jordan in census in 1901

  5. Robinson_Luzo says:

    Woman in the center is wearing a hat and style that began in the early 1890s

  6. OwenMacC says:

    J (Jacob) Boardman , grocer & publican, is on Market Street in 1901 but no Boardman’s (men) there in 1911. 25" OSI (1903) Streetview

  7. National Library of Ireland on The Commons says:

    [] Thank you – nudged the date up by a few years.

  8. National Library of Ireland on The Commons says:

    [] Excellent that there were no Boardmen there in 1911! And thanks for Jacob – love changing an initial to the full name… Also, great idea putting a date on the OSI Map link!!

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