Market to Small Business Conference = #Market2SmallBiz

Market to Small Business Conference = #Market2SmallBiz
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Market To Small Business Conference #Market2SmallBiz

Marke2SmallBiz brings together marketing professionals, who focus on reaching small businesses. This is a day of of learning, networking, exchanging of ideas and problem solving. This is not an event for small business owners, but a special event for companies who are marketing TO small businesses, to learn how to do it better.

Who should attend?

Market to Small Business is for mature companies selling to small businesses, startups just starting their first small business focused campaign, public relation agencies and consultants advising their clients on marketing strategies and other companies and professionals selling to small businesses.

If you're NEW to marketing, this event is for you. You will learn.

If you're a seasoned marketer, come and share your experiences and learn from other seasoned marketers.

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Who are the hosts?

 Ramon Ray (Publisher, Smart Hustle Magazine) –

 Anita Campbell (Publisher, Small Business Trends) –



Why attend? 

Market2SmallBiz is energized, rich in information and facilitated to ensure YOU get the most out of your time at Market2SmallBiz.

  • Learn best practices from your peers and leading small business marketers
  • Share your expertise with others
  • Network with colleagues who UNDERSTAND your challenges and goals
  • Meet with small business influencers, in a comfortable, "get to know you" environment
  • Attend private consulting and ideation sessions, with Anita Campbell and a group of small business influencers. 
  • Learn from a panel of small business owners who can express their JOURNEY working with small business vendors

Keynote Speakers include:

Tomas Gorny, Founder, Nextiva – Tomas is an American success story. Coming to America speaking little English, being entrepreneurial and having lots of "smart hustle" and succeeding. His story is about business success, business failure (or tough lessons learned) and business success validated by a billion dollar sale.

Tomas' humlity and appreciation of how weaknesses are actually an asset is timeless advice everyone should hear.


Janine Popick, VerticalResponse (bought by Deluxe) – 

As CEO and founder, Janine grew VerticalResponse to be the success it is today. Profitable and over 900,000 small businesses strong, VerticalResponse is a leading email marketing and social media marketing provider to small businesses worldwide. In June, Vertical Response was acquired by Deluxe.


Raj MukherjeeGoDaddy, SVP and GM of Presence and Commerce Products .

GoDaddy is one of the leading marketers marketing to small businesses. From an evolution of branding, to a refined message to their customers, to acquistions and more, GoDaddy has a lot of experience in reaching small businesses. Raj will share his insight on GoDaddy's journey of marketing to small businesses.

Laura Rich, Street Fight Summit, Founder – Street Fight Summit is the leading publisher of all things local marketing to small businesses. 

Laura has covered bubbles and busts at Condé Nast, The Industry Standard and Recessionwire, which she co-foundeded in 2009. She featured brand-name CEOs in her Sunday Interview column in The New York Times; authored the Paul Allen biography The Accidental Zillionaire; and led coverage of startups for and She lives in Boulder, Colorado.


Attendees will share their lessons in small business marketing success or small business marketing challenges. For the success stories, each speaker will share for 15 minutes with 5 minutes of Q&A. For the challenges each speaker is invited to share 5 minutes about their challenges with 10 minutes of group advice!

(Interested in participating? Once you register, you'll be invited to apply to speak)

Who else is attending?

In addition to small business marketers, Market2SmallBiz, will be attended by small business influencers who influence the buying decisions of millions of small businesses each year.


Tuesday, May 5th – Market2SmallBiz Reception (dinner at a local restaurant)

Wednesday,  May 6th (9am)  –  Market2smallBiz Conference

Thursday, May 7th –  one on one informal get together wtih Ramon, Anita and other influencers!

Topics include, but not limited too..

  • GoDaddy's Lessons in Small Business Marketing
  • Small Business Wars: Battle Scars and Winning Small Business Mindshare and Wallet Share, Janine Popick, VerticalResponse
  • Anita Campbell Deep Dive: Content Marketing, What Works and What Doesn't
  • A Billion Dollar Lesson Why Weaknesses Are Really Strengths – Tomas Gorny, Nextiva

at Home address given upon completed registration

Belmont, United States

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