Market your business online – Learn from the former head of social media at Target Australia and Boost Juice.

Market your business online – Learn from the former head of social media at Target Australia and Boost Juice.
Event on 2013-06-29 08:45:00
With only 15 tickets available and two trainers – this is sure to be one of the best investments you can make in your business in the next 12 months. 
Learn how to develop a digital marketing plan including: online, social and mobile

Understand how to create a cohesive plan which delivers against business goalsLearn how to measure ROI from your digital spend

Start tracking leads, conversions and behavioural change in a meaningful wayReduce waste and inefficiency in your activity

Learn how to squeeze more bang from your Buck, with cross channel integrationUnderstand and appreciate the role of different digital media and mediums in the customer journey

How and where value is generated and what it means for your sales and marketing funnelHave the confidence to brief and manage your agencies or other digital third parties

Cut through digital waffle and start getting the results and activity you want!Program OutlineUnderstanding the digital marketing mix and evolving roles of:

  • SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

– Is SEO really dead or is it now just more social?

  • SEM – Google Adwords

– Reducing waste to fully utilise Adwords and AdSense- Retargeting and getting more bang for your Google budget

  • Online and social media buying

– What works best, CPM or CPC?- Understanding different ad units and pros and cons of each- Facebook vs. LinkedIn vs. Google vs. Fairfax vs. Others

  • Email marketing

– Developing a multi-layered system- Overview of leading email marketing software and systems

  • Social media marketing

Measurement and evaluation

  • Tracking online marketing activity
  • Making sense of various data streams
  • Overview of free and paid for analytics and reporting tools

Having a purpose rather than just 'doing' social media

  • Why are we using social media and what do we want to achieve?
  • How to attach social media KPIs to marketing objectives

– eg. Is brand awareness recorded differently in Twitter to a forum?

  • Who is going to do the do? In-house team, agency, freelancers, no-one? 

How to create content stakeholders want to 'Follow' or 'Like'

  • What will your social media mix look like? How should Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blog, etc, fit together?
  • Make blogging, tweeting and status updates easy by developing a central social media content strategy 

Time saving tools and techniques to help small teams produce killer content daily

  • Time saving social media management tools which will save you hours each week
  • Rethink the way your company produces and distributes content to win with social media
  • Using SEO techniques to help consumers find your social media accounts

Essential audience mapping techniques for social media

  • Who are your customers and where do they live online? If at all!!
  • Time saving tools that will help you find your audience in minutes instead of days!
  • Executing a social media audit profiling your audience and brand

Creating social media campaigns which customers will BUZZ about

  • Developing a multi-level strategy to maximise online buzz and chatter
  • Assessment of various creative social media campaign hooks
  • Overview of most engaging social media campaign delivery mechanisms and hooks

– Facebook apps, iPhone apps, video, games, stunts, events, etc.Drive brand activation using social media to build powerful advocates

  • Various mechanisms to dramatically improve brand participation levels
  • Getting your social media stakeholders to help you devise your future marketing strategies
  • Fueling product development with social media

– Exploration of the concept of "crowd-sourcing" How to build and manage your Facebook community

  • What you need to know to stay on the right side of the law, i.e. defamation, copyright infringements, etc.
  • Dealing with trolls and negativity on your company page
  • How to foster and encourage healthy two-way debate
  • Developing internal systems and processes for escalating and managing crisis situations
  • Managing the negative minority and mobilising the silent, satisfied majority

How to get cut through in the news feed

  • How to ensure your Status Updates are never missed by your audience
  • Proven techniques for growing your audience
  • Understand and implement the key principles of News Feed Optimisation

Killer apps every businesses' Facebook page needs

  • Overview of all leading Facebook application platforms- SAVE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS!
  • Using iFrames to create awesome customised Facebook apps
  • Generating mountains of valuable opt-in data capture with apps

Facebook commerce – turning 'Likes' into customers

  • Reduce friction in the buy cycle by setting up shop in Facebook
  • Tap into the huge potential benefits of social commerce

Facebook Page management tools and software

  • Convenient, cheap, cutting edge technologies making it easier to manage your page and Facebook activity
  • Introducing the best and most cost effective Facebook marketing tools for management, analytics, applications and running ads

Facebook advertising – the how/what/why

  • All paid-for marketing activity in Facebook: Sponsored Stories, Offers, polls, videos, retargeting, etc.
  • How to use Facebook's targeted advertising platform
  • How to use Places to drive online word of mouth, offline footfall and conversion

Keeping on the right side of the law

  • Latest changes in legislation regarding Facebook marketing
  • How to NOT break the rules on Facebook comps and promos
  • Communicating and dealing with underage users on Facebook

How to integrate Facebook into your broader marketing mix

  • How to integrate Facebook into current marketing and communications campaigns
  • Sync Facebook with other platforms ie. Twitter/blogs

Price includes mornign tea, lunch and afternoon tea as well as coffe and tea. 

at Bureaux
Level 1
Melbourne, Australia

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