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The main Dushanbe market had a produce selection that would put any US gourmet supermarket to shame. Unfortunately, the farmers themselves see only a limited portion of the profits, as government and other middlemen often stand between harvesting and sale.

Middlemen is definitely the right term to use here–women are primarily the ones doing the hard labor on the bookends of the supply chain, doing the harvesting out in the fields and selling in the market booths.

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  1. furcafe says:

    Central Asia has been known since the Silk Road days for its melons.

  2. Poon Tse Wan says:

    Would prefer the poke to be off center. Thanks. In fact I love the colour compositions.

  3. Norci says:

    This photo deserves ‘I love markets’ award Pls add this photo to the I love markets group

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