Marketing Agency Intergage Launches New Website Healthcheck

(PRWEB UK) 31 May 2014

Marketing agency Intergage has launched a new advanced level website healthcheck service to help companies hit by Googles ever changing algorithm updates.

Intergage is using the latest new digital tools to analyse how Googles algorithm updates have affected organisations website rankings and traffic.

Digital marketing consultants at Intergage have been receiving increasing numbers of requests for help from owners of non-Intergage sites, worried about how their rankings have suffered.

So they have launched the new advanced healthchecks to help firms determine quickly and easily what has happened to their non-Intergage websites and how to fix any issues.

The launch of the new service follows two recent appointments the return of Intergage co-founder Mike Finn and the arrival of Sarah Cullen, formerly of Refreshed Media.

Mike said: Intergage was launched a decade ago and right from the very start, we have always believed in designing websites for the end users and promoting them in the correct ethical way.

Recent years have seen Google crack down hard on companies which used risky shortcuts to get their sites ranked more highly than perhaps they deserved.

These changes in Google search have impacted dramatically on some sites meaning theyve suffered large losses in traffic and business.

Others have fallen victim to the tide going out on their website: a slow but steady decline in traffic over many months much more difficult to detect but no less damaging, said Mike.

When this happens, many site owners do not know where to turn. They dont understand what has happened or why. This is where our expert team can help.

Intergages new website healthcheck uses a plethora of tools and techniques to provide site owners with details of any site issues and recommendations on how to fix them.

The healthcheck then goes a stage further by explaining to companies how to improve the ways they gain inbound traffic.

Mike said: Even high-profile sites have not been immune to Googles changes eBay has lost 80 per cent of its organic rankings in the latest Google update.

And eBay is by no means alone. Websites of all sizes have been affected by Googles changes. The important thing is not to panic. Expert help is at hand.

But the healthcheck is not just for companies which have suffered as a result of the algorithm changes.

Any organisation would benefit from a website review that is as advanced as this, said Mike.

It will tell you in easy-to-understand terms where you are now, where you need to be and how to get there, he added.

To find out more about Intergages new advanced website healthcheck contact the Intergage team on 0845 456 1022. For more information about Intergage, view the website

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