Marketing Ignite Launches its New Promotional Explainer Video Services Allowing Businesses to Explain What They Do Better in Order to Boost Engagement and Conversions

(PRWEB) December 31, 2012

These short videos are custom designed to express the vision, goals, and its unique selling proposition (USP) and allow customers to get a quick overview of what a business actually does, along with how it can benefit their customers and deliver results and solutions to specific problems.

Acquiring the Latest in Internet Marketing Technology

Promotional explainer videos have caused a stir in the internet marketing echelons because of their ability to create user-friendly interaction, engagement, and conversion in a highly efficient manner. Even Google, Dropbox, Ebay as well as many other online businesses and start-ups are rushing to include promotional explainer videos to reap the potential gains. Studies show that when more senses are being used, visitors will stay longer and return more often. This of course translates into higher engagement and rates of conversion.

Making Advertising Enjoyable for the Viewer Creates High Retention Rates

As people become more accustomed to easier ways of communicating online with visual effects that edutain and captivate viewers attention, promotional explainer videos have recently emerged at the forefront of internet marketing as an extremely effective tool in providing information for potential customers to readily enable them to understand the company’s business vision, how the services or products work. This is critical for any business offering something that is new and with which people are unfamiliar with. When people have an enjoyable viewing experience from a video that makes them smile and imprints pleasant emotions in their memory, their retention rate is high and the business brand image is imprinted.

Higher Engagement Signals Will Help Boost Google Rankings

Any business main goal is to get higher conversion rates and more traffic to its website. With Promotional Explainer Videos the results will be twofold as users increase their engagement time on the website. Not only will profits soar, but so will Googles confidence in the websites ranking ability and trustworthiness. Promotional explainer videos are very useful because they introduce the concept to the viewer in a fun and enjoyable manner instead of them having to read through static pages of text which can become very tedious and boring for users.

When people can learn and enjoy at the same time, they often remember it easily if they decide to purchase the product in the future. The pleasurable interactive engagement might also motivate the viewer to immediately purchase the product, which translates to very efficient internet marketing advertising success. This retention rate is important for conversion and the inclination to spread the information by word-of-mouth and other social media conduits to spread the good news about their viewer experience.

Get Ahead and Promote Your Online Business!

Marketing Ignite will give the first five customers a 30% discount off of each promotional explainer video they create for their clients. Click Here to find out more how to get a professional made explainer video.

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