Marketing Intelligence

Marketing Intelligence

Image by Intersection Consulting
www.intersectionconsulting.comIs marketing EQ becoming more important than IQ? If building a successful brand or simply selling your “stuff” depends on creating an emotional connection with your target audience, is emotional intelligence as a marketer becoming as important as the ability to implement marketing tactics?

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  1. earthpages says:

    Very nice graphic. Thanks for making it ccl; I’ve blogged it here:…

  2. PhylG says:

    This is great! Thanks so much. I’ve used it in a blog post about freelance writers using social media: Social Media Roolz!

  3. Intersection Consulting says:

    [] Glad you were able to make use of the visual :)

  4. photodreamz_ says:

    Great Graphics. I used this one on a blog post with credit to your flickr.

  5. Intersection Consulting says:

    [] Thanks for using the image in your post…and for the link back to Flickr.

  6. Chief inspiration officer says:

    inspiring picture! I will use it for my new business case and presentation kind regards, Bart Jenezon

  7. Intersection Consulting says:

    [] Thanks Bart!

  8. justjoannie says:

    This is an excellent infographic. It really illustrates a perspective that an internet marketing company should take into consideration. I think that EQ is very important, especially, in the age of "social" media.

  9. Intersection Consulting says:

    [] Thanks!

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