– Marketing – Jenny Craig, Oprah’s Network, Celebrity Endorsements and Brand Affinity’s Ryan Steelberg

- Marketing - Jenny Craig, Oprah's Network, Celebrity Endorsements and Brand Affinity's Ryan Steelberg

This week marks the premiere of This Week in Marketing with hosts Scott MacDonell and Daniel Granger. They are joined in studio by Brand Affinity Technologies’ Ryan Steelberg. They discuss Google, dMarc, and new marketing strategies. Plus they ask we will care in 12 months about net neutrality, social media, the resurgence of print media, and the frenzy over the web on your TV. In the Does It Sell? segment they look at commercials for Jenny Craig, Oprah’s OWN Network, and the Superbowl Club for Visa. For more information, show notes, and schedules, visit www.thisweekin.com.
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15 Responses to – Marketing – Jenny Craig, Oprah’s Network, Celebrity Endorsements and Brand Affinity’s Ryan Steelberg

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