Marketing Kick-Start Session

Marketing Kick-Start Session
Event on 2014-11-20 09:00:00

Want to gain more leads, sales or repeat business? Need help introducing a new product or service?

Our kick-start session will help you gain more from your marketing in 2015. We'll help you review the last 12 months and plan effective marketing campaigns to fill your pipeline for the year ahead.

Why book a Marketing Kick-Start Session?

  • Understand which marketing activities helped generate your sales in 2014
  • Gain independent insight into the successful and not-so-successful campaigns run over the last 12 months
  • Develop an effective, manageable marketing plan for 2015 using a mix of marketing techniques such as social media, advertising, email marketing, direct mail, SEO, online advertising, PR, events and exhibitions
  • Benefit from the experience and expertise of marketing consultant and trainer, Hannah Sookias
  • Start next year with an effective marketing plan for filling your sales pipeline with leads, enquiries and sales

Our Marketing Kick-start sessions are designed to enable SMEs review their past marketing and develop a practical and effective plan for 2015. We work with the people responsible for marketing their business which typically includes marketing managers, business owners and sales managers.

We look forward to helping you gain more from your marketing!

at Client Offices or Sookias Media (Burton on Trent)
Torrington House
Burton upon Trent, United Kingdom

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