– Marketing – Matt Stoudt, Founder of Outcast.net

This week we’re cooking with gas as the duo welcome Matt Stoudt, who created both Bhootan and Fuelcast, only to merge them both into one of the largest gas station networks, Outcast.net. They also go over a few ads and read a special piece of viewer mail. For more on the episode, and a full catalog of our shows at www.thisweekin.com
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6 thoughts on “– Marketing – Matt Stoudt, Founder of Outcast.net

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  3. I appreciate marketing, but this is a concept that has only created a negative experience for me. Even if the content is relevant, which in my first few experiences hasn’t been, this is an unwanted layer of noise. “We don’t get a lot of pushback…” from who? How would a consumer communicate frustration to companies like Fuelcast? I think social media is proving the right formula to provide relevant content. I don’t want Matt Stoudt to decide what content I would find compelling.

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