Marketing Matters – Module 8: Google+ – How To Use A Google+ Business Page

Marketing Matters – Module 8: Google+ – How To Use A Google+ Business Page
Event on 2015-01-13 07:30:00

The workshops:

This is a series of workshops that is is made up of 12 individual sessions/workshops.

There is a fee of £12 each session to cover your breakfast and basic hire expenses – see below for details.


The way potential clients interact with businesses has changed.

That means that we have to change and adapt to capture that interaction.

Modern online marketing techniques are essential skills that businesses need to have.

But that does not mean abandoning the old ways and replacing them with the new!

Online and offline marketing should work hand in hand, this series of workshops will help you understand how to bring the two disciplines of marketing together.

Book your tickets – first come first served! Only 15 places available.

Each event includes breakfast which will be £12 per head, this covers basic event costs, (the training is completely free), which is payable when you arrive (please bring the correct change).

Module 8: Google+ – how to use a business page

In this module we show you how to use Google+ as a business to help your Google search return results and engagement with potential clients.

A little bit about the speakers:

Mark Timberlake is the Director of Marketing at SME Heroes and is an experienced public speaker and marketing consultant, recently being involved in the Cambridgeshire County Council Destination Digital project as a trainer for the advanced social marketing workshops. He also produces regular video marketing tips and online marketing training which is viewed by an international audience.

Sara Drawwater is the Director of Content Creation at SME Heroes and is an experienced networker, social media trainer, content writer and graphic designer.

Dave Smith is the Director / Owner of Client Catchers and has extensive experience in traditional marketing and helps businesses create that initial contact with potential clients through training them on how to approach people and build the relationship through to point of sale.

Fecility Kemp is the Managing Director at Talk Results a company specialising in Tele-Marketing and is an expert in her field with years of experience, understanding how modern tele-marketing practices can benefit businesses and reach people that other forms of marketing cannot.


Reserve your place:

Spaces are limited – so please only book if you can definitely make it to the workshop – access to future events may be withdrawn if an attendee books but does not arrive and causes another potential attendee to miss out.

Parking is free.


Event timeline: Registration

at Quality Hotel Peterborough
Thorpe Meadows
Peterborough, United Kingdom

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