Marketing Pro Alicia McGrath Urges Companies to Adopt Social Media Marketing Strategies

New York, New York (PRWEB) March 18, 2013

Alicia McGrath, a noted marketing professional, has released a statement with regard to a recent article posted by USA Today. The article asserts that social media is a powerful marketing channel that cannot be overlooked if today’s business leaders are hoping to maximize the effectiveness of their marketing efforts. McGrath agrees and encourages professionals to add social media marketing to their promotional strategies if they have not already implemented a well-rounded Internet-based marketing initiative.

The article explains that “social media simply can make a company or business more visible and transparent. It brings together customers, employees and partners and makes them more connected.” McGrath agrees, as she has seen the positive impact that appropriate social media activity has had on businesses; however, the caveat here, the article reminds marketing professionals, lies in the word “appropriate.”

“Social media cuts out the middleman, allowing companies to establish direct relationships with their customersfor better or worse. On one hand, it allows companies to deliver information directly to consumerswhether the introduction of new products or a temporary price reductionreaching the people who are likely to respond the most, says David Armano, a management director for Edelman Digital,” asserts the article.

As the passage notes, the success of a social networking campaign can go either way depending upon the manner in which it is designed and executed. McGrath believes that, because this form of promotion is so influential in today’s world, it is imperative that business owners put in the effort to ensure that their social media marketing strategies are well designed and implemented to maximize their success.

“As noted in USA Today’s ‘Unplugged: Got Social?’ article, it is clear that social media as a marketing tool is effective and here to stay,” comments Alicia McGrath. “Social media reaches out to customers in a way that traditional marketing never could. Through social networking platforms, marketing materials are delivered in real time, relationships are built and strengthened, brand exposure is increased, and buzz about a new product or service is generated effectively. I highly recommend that business owners see to it that they incorporate social media marketing into their overall marketing strategies now if they have not yet done so.”

McGrath encourages any business leaders who need assistance to contact an experienced and qualified marketing professional for guidance regarding the development and execution of a successful social media marketing campaign.


Alicia McGrath is the marketing manager at a marketing exhibit firm, a position that she took on in 2010 and continues to fulfill using her knowledge of the latest industry best practices. With a bachelor of science from the College of the Holy Cross and a certificate in direct marketing from New York University’s New School, Alicia McGrath has a solid educational foundation that supports her work in today’s marketing industry. A dedicated volunteer for several community service initiatives, Alicia McGrath is a mother of three.

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