Marketing Secrets and Hacks for Startups

Marketing Secrets and Hacks for Startups
Event on 2013-10-01 17:30:00

Our last meetup was a great success, a 5/5 rating. In it we discussed what it takes to start a company – from day 1; however…you wouldn't have much success if people don't know about it! Enter our next meetup: we will discuss how to bring your product to market with as little budget as possible. 

What to expect (10,000 foot view):

Learn great tips from marketing experts. Great networking opportunity with entrepreneurs, or soon to be. Free entry to event. Free food. 


We will interview a panel of three experts, specializing in various parts of the marketing stack:

1. SEO/SEM (Search Engine Optimization/Marketing) 

2. Email Marketing

3. Social media / content creation


• Raul Pellerano – Founder and Chief Consultant, ClickCatalyst

With a degree from Babson College, the famous entrepreneur school – Raul started his first company, then worked at Social media giant LinkedIn. He then realized the growing need to help companies get noticed in search engines and online in general. His company, ClickCatalyst helps startups and large companies attain new customers by being found. He has numerous clients, including one of the founders of this meetup group. He will share tactics normally only reserved for his clients! Visit:



• Amanda Day – Marketing Coach, VerticalResponse


Amanda has a range of marketing experience with large companies and startups spanning over 6 years. These days she is helping companies with their email marketing strategies at email marketing giant VerticalResponse (recently acquired by Deluxe Corp). You'd be surprised by the extent email marketing is under-utilized! She will share some of the secrets she only shares with her clients. Visit:


• Ana Lucia Novak – Founder, Novak Media Group and SocialAna

Dubbed as a “Social Media Architect”, specializes in social media strategy and effective implementation of online and social media marketing strategies. She's been fortunate to work alongside affluent leaders, and companies, such as OracleSAPPalmAdobeElectronic Arts, and many hot startups. She has over 21K followers on Twitter! She will share some of her secrets on making the most of Social media, and some tools you wish you knew about yesterday. Visit:



5:30-6:00 — Networking  / Food (FREE Pizza!)

6:00-7:00 — Panel Discussion

7:00-7:30 — Networking


Location and food generously sponsored by:


Please RSVP to attend at our meetup page!

at SAP
3410 Hillview Avenue Campus
Palo Alto, United States

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