Marketing Short Sale Listings Made Simple From ARME

Clearwater, FL (PRWEB) September 07, 2013

Marketing short sale listings has now been made simple with new internet marketing services being offered from ARME The Clearwater, FL based real estate internet marketing and web development company has been working with the real estate industry to develop real estate advertising online.

With a very large inventory of available homes currently going through the foreclosure process there is great demand for proven advertising services. These types of homes have an expiration date and need to be sold quickly. Using the internet to advertise the available inventory is imperative to growth going forward for any real estate company.

“Brokers are adapting to the shifting landscape and are directing more of their advertising dollars to internet based programs. They are finding that the good old days of knocking on doors and putting out flyers have essentially ended and that going forward it just makes good sense to claim their piece of the local internet. Brokers are closing more deals as a result, even in a down market,” states Simon Landers, spokesperson.

Mr. Landers continues, “The fact is this, over 80% of all potential home buyers are turning to the internet to find information. They are typing in desired keywords for what they are looking for. Several choices will be made available to them. When they find what they are looking for the user will then perform an action of some kind. This action generally takes the form of a click to the real estate professionals website, a phone call to their office or some other form of interaction. The beauty of the marketing short sale listings programs being offered by ARME is that we put our clients at the forefront of these interactions essentially giving them the best chance to be the first person to interact with these buyers or sellers.”

If you are a real estate professional interested in learning more about marketing short sale listings with the new internet marketing services being offered by ARME please call (727) 459-8841 and speak with an agent.

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