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4 thoughts on “Marketing Strategies – The best way to market a mobile app

  1. Harsh, but good 😛 I find with some of my apps, some people play them for hours, but others (the majority) don’t even go past the title screen. But I definitely don’t think I am getting the 80% of return customers so even though I have had #1 apps i’m guessing that would mean they are not good enough. It’s just kinda frustrating considering a game I made on PC as a kid is still popular today.

  2. Hi Evan, I am an entrepreneur and working on an iPad app. I really liked your video and the strategies are really awesome… I specially liked the second strategy, I gonna start doing it from this weekend. Thanks.

  3. Hi, Nice work Evan. I need your views regarding fulfilling commitments. Most people have dreams, they watch lots of motivational videos but when it comes to doing stuff they just don’t feel the responsibility and keep on delaying. Most of the times they are not stuck in any problem at all, but they just don’t want to do it. Year kind reviews on this will be very helpful please. Cheers

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