Marketing Strategy Implementation Series

Marketing Strategy Implementation Series
Event on 2014-04-05 09:00:00

You decided that 2014 would be different.

You came up with a marketing plan and strategy, then…..

No worries. It happens to us all. Start out with great energy then BOOM!

Well, the Marketing Implementation Team is a workshop series that's all about putting the pieces together. You will not only learn new tactics, you will actually implement them in the class during each session.

Topics covered include:

Session #1 – April 5th from 9am – Noon

  • The Power of Newsletters, online and offline
  • B2B Marketing
  • B2C Marketing

Session #2 – May 3rd from 9am – Noon

  • Creating your Marketing Calendar for the next 90 days – 12 months
  • 45-min Mastermind

Session #3 – June 7th from 9am – Noon

  • Persuasive Writing with Donnie Bryant
  • Creating Irresistible Offers


Every session we will cover a topic and then put it into practice. By the end of the series, you will walk away with a better understanding of your marketing options AND a completed marketing calendar to follow every day.

Each attendee will receive:

  • List of online and offline resources
  • Worksheets and Templates
  • Actual marketing examples to use as guides


One price for the entire series! Your customers and clients should feel like there's a real 2-way conversation between you and them. They should be ecstatic to receive information from you, so why not access the best marketing training for your business!

* Breakfast bites and snacks will be provided.


Donnie Bryant. Direct Response Marketing & Copy Guru

Marketing and copywriting are not simply jobs for me. They’re my calling. For that reason, I think about business differently than most of my peers. I approach my work in a way similar to the way a good doctor approaches an epidemic. It’s not about getting paid or achieving status: it’s about helping businesses get strong(er).


Stephanie Walters. Online Marketing Expert

We're a digital and mobile marketing agency that's dedicated to assisting small businesses get in front of their target market in traditional and out-the-box kinda ways!

at Calvary Community Church
16341 South Park Ave
South Holland, United States

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