Marketing Success Without Social Media Stress

Marketing Success Without Social Media Stress
Event on 2014-10-15 16:45:00

In owning your own website, you are in a privileged position – your business can be noticed by anybody, at any time.

You can show off your wares and be contacted easily by your customers. Your website may need a tweak here or there, or even some big changes, but by being on the web you have taken your first step to online success.

So what's next?

You need to be seen.

Social media is both a powerful PR tool and an effective way of engaging your existing and potential customers to drive relevant traffic to your website.

We have brought in one of the UKs leading experts on web marketing to talk about how social media should be used in your online marketing arsenal and, indeed, when it shouldnt.

Note: Teas and coffees served from 4.30pm for a prompt 4.45pm start.

at St James Church Hall
197 Piccadilly
Piccadilly, United Kingdom

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