Marketing Summit – The Advanced Edition

Marketing Summit – The Advanced Edition
Event on 2015-09-29 10:00:00
Attention: This invite is for serious marketers ONLY: Are YOU Ready to take your online biz to the next level?   You are invited to next level of summit.     This is your ticket to the next level up of your online income.     Enabling you to unlock and improve your recurring and passive income, by giving you personal access to the best marketing brains in the industry – experts on recurring income, SASS and huge passive profits.     We all know that the most important thing to do in business is to not stop climbing.     Why would you?     Stop moving forward and stop moving with the times and you stop making money. Simple.     The best marketers in the world never stop trying to improve and increase their success and profits online.     They're always striving to be bigger and better off… More often.     And that's exactly why we've brought them to you. 8 of the most advanced Marketing Brains in the world…     Who are experts on massive and recurring income. To join you at this:     Marketing Summit: The Advanced Edition.     This is your chance, whatever online income you're currently making…     To go big.     To go RECURRING.       Marketing Summit The Advanced Edition:       – More SASS   – More Recurring Profits – More Higher Ticket  – More Webinar Selling PLUS   – More Networking Opportunities   – More World-Class Speakers – More Private Club Parties (no fancy dress required this time!) – And We'll Even Feed You All Summit!       Simon and Michelle Warner here,   At our last amazing marketing summit, we asked you what you wanted to really crack in your online buisness.   You told us that –    – You wanted to crack recurring income.   – You told us you wanted to smash the big numbers on webinars.   – You wanted to turn more of your products into Softwares As a Service.   – You want to be able to increase your prices and sell higher ticket.     SO we listened and we grabbed the people who will make this happen for you.   And we've brought them all together for one very special summit only.       Completely focused on making you those all important recurring profits, higher ticket sales, super-successful webinars and implementing those forever-paying SASS models.       Over two days will bring you more world class speakers, more networking time than ever before, more business changing, proft making gold nuggets and this time…   We're even going to feed you! 🙂     After the success of Marketing Summit 3…WE'RE BACK in the stunning Hard Day's Night Hotel…the ONLY Beatle's Themed Hotel in the World!      And we're set to take Liverpool by storm yet again!  Everyone who was at Marketing Summit 3 wil tell you that Liverpool is an amazing city, with a cool, friendly, party vibe! And we're about to make the most of Marketers in the City yet again!     We have some real treats in store for you this time round.     Including free lunch and refreshments over the 2 days…       PLUS a private networking party at the POSHEST club in the City…and it's all yours…to network and drink in ALL night! Dress code: Dress to impress. (No fancy dress this time!)     So to recap:   What is it?: Marketing Summit UK: Advanced Edition   Who is it for?: Marketers who want to take their businesses to the next level – with a focus on unlocking and increasing recurring profits, SASS, making higher ticket sales work and real passive income.   When is it?: 29th and 30th September 2015   Where is it?: The amazing Hard Day's Night Hotel in Liverpool   Do We have a discount code to stay at the hotel?: YES, absolutely! You will be sent this code with your ticket.   Will we feed and water you during the event?: YES! You will be served buffet lunch and refreshments during the whole summit.   Will there be some awesome networking and party opportunities?: YES! Of course! We have hired out the POSHEST private club in the entire city for our VIP Party (Don't worry, it's dress to impress, no fancy dress and no particpatory entertainment this time!) It's total class baby!   Who's speaking and what are they speaking about? :That's easy. Here we go:   Aiden Booth – (The ,000,000 launch king) will present to us 'The 7 P’s To A Perfect Product Launch'.   Aidan Booth runs a multi-million dollar internet marketing business, selling both digital and physical products online. He has turned the process of launching products into a science, with much of his launch success due to the way he structures and plans his marketing funnels. Aidan’s last launch (in June) did over million in sales (and is the biggest ever JVZoo launch), and paid out well over million to JV partners.   Andy Fletcher will punch you if you call him a digital native, but that doesn't make it less true.   He's got a Masters degree in Computer Science and has used that to build multiple 7-figure software and SaaS businesses, and that means he's got many years of experience at making devs deliver.   He's done everything from hiring the first devs in a start-up company to scaling an existing team to dozens. (Most people think that last one is a case of 'hire more guys'. If that's you, it's why your revenue's about half where it should be.)   He's going to be talking about how you can build a software team that works as a unit, delivers on time, and isn't afraid to tell you when your ideas are rubbish.     Rob J. Temple will share his proven strategies for intelligently positioning, branding and structuring a six or seven figure info-based continuity program for:   – Maximum conversions – Maximum retention – Minimal drop-offs – Minimum refunds and chargebacks – Maximum happy customers   You'll learn how to build a truly sustainable membership site, and how to build continuity into any (and every!) part of your business…   …and why recurring is literally the most LOGICAL and natural way to sell information".     Justin Anderson got the internet bug back in 1995 when he built his first two web sites dedicated to Nine Inch Nails and roller blading. After a few startups and a consulting gig, he started his own web agency in 2004 focusing on creative and strategy.   After assimilating the message from the Four Hour Work Week, he decided to direct his experience towards making passive income. He rolled out his first training info product in 2010, which promptly led to several very successful SaaS sites in the SEO space.   He's going to share the exact steps he took in building both info products and SaaS solutions using an in-house and offshore teams. And, more importantly, how you can turn your passions into income streams.     Neil Murton has been selling recurring products since long before it was cool.   His copy has sold millions of dollars of subscriptions, both software and information, front-end and back… and he knows from experience that you don't need a following like Tony Robbins to build a successful continuity.   He's going to be talking about what you need to do to convert your prospects onto your subscription product, what kind of products you can successfully turn into subscriptions, and why Steve Jobs was an idiot.         Chris Munch is your man if you want to know about recurring income, SaaS and building a lifestyle business that makes a huge impact. After failing to create a free version of Netflix in 2008, despite getting 250,000 visitors per month, the man behind the avatar started perpetually travelling the world since 2009 shortly after his blog publishing company blew up resulting in millions of visitors and citations from,, and more. His experience in 'Attention Marketing' & PR led him to launch a suite of successful marketing products & software, including the biggest launch ever on the WarriorForum in 2012, and that was just the warm-up!     Chris will be joining us, hot off an 8 month world trip with his family (including a 1 yr old!) to share his experience in the last 18 months quietly disrupting a broken industry 'behind the scenes' with the fastest growing Press Release company in the world. Peter Garety – is founder and CEO of Peter Garety Publishing, LLC – a software development company that he started from home in 2011, and that has now grown to nearly 30 full time team members, multiple 7-figures in revenue per year and over 40,000 customers. Peter has been an entrepreneur since he was 13 years old and his main skill set is a combination of strategic vision and marketing.   When asked about the single most important ingredient of success, his usual answer is: "Putting the customer’s needs first and taking care of the team members." Peter believes in leading from the front, and he is constantly challenging his approach to business – create better products and make bigger impact to customers. When it comes to Peter’s presentation, as much as it will give you a recipe for growth, it will also challenge your thinking and approach, so not only you can achieve your financial targets 10x faster… …but also, create a path to a complete financial independence!”     So there you have it… – Awesome speakers, – Awesome venue, – Awesome networking opportunities, – Awesome city, – Awesome parties – And most importantly… – Awesome results from awesome knowledge sharing. Are you in? Thought so.   See you there! We can't wait! Chelle & Si x  

at Hard Days Night Hotel
41 North John Street
Liverpool, United Kingdom

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