Marketing Workshop | Outrank Your Competition With Advanced SEO

Marketing Workshop | Outrank Your Competition With Advanced SEO
Event on 2015-02-06 09:00:00

 Course Description: This class will cover premiere SEO strategy while teaching you new and advanced SEO techniques. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the most powerful and profitable marketing strategies in use today. According to, 8 in 10 global company marketers rate Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as either excellent or good in terms of return on investment (ROI). It makes SEO the best ranked marketing channel before Email Marketing and Paid Search (PPC). At Timelapse, you’ll be taught proven tactics to further optimize your company’s performance on Google, and get a walk through of top free and paid SEO tools. You are guaranteed to get results by the end of the class by participating in the interactive workshops, following clear step-by-step processes to optimize your SEO, and reviewing insightful SEO case studies. In the final part of the class, we’ll review how SEO is going to change going forward – insight that puts you well ahead of your competitors. By studying the latest macro trends at Google, reviewing key algorithm updates and search engine result page features, you can build an SEO strategy that will work years into the future. 

  • 1- SEO Strategy Essentials
    • Overview of SEO Tools.
    • Team skill sets & Company culture.
    • Introduction to Enterprise SEO.
    • Normal vs. paid SEO.
    • Google Webmaster Tools.
    • Keyword research strategy.
    • Keyword rankings analysis.
    • Keyword difficulty scores.
    • Competitor research/rankings.
    • Backlink tools – acquisition and reporting.
    • SEO audit tools – screaming frog, moz and more.
    • Google analytics & SEO dashboards.
    • Multi-Attribution.
    • Weekly tasks – blogging / content hacking.
    • Weekly tasks – email marketing.
    • Weekly tasks – video marketing, transcribing audio.
    • Weekly tasks – social media marketing.
    • Weekly tasks – Linkbuilding / different types / domain authority.
  • 2 – Enhance Your SEO Performance
    • Starting with an SEO audit.
    • Site architecture and navigation.
    • URL structure.
    • Content depth.
    • On-Page SEO techniques.
    • Internal and external links.
    • Backlinks and domain authority.
    • Keyword research and tools / hacks with Webmaster tools.
    • On-Page SEO variables.
    • Copy.
    • Schema markup.
    • Video SEO.
    • Relatively unknown SEO variables (publish date / rankings hacks).
    • Relationship between SEO and UX.
    • Time spent on page.
    • Engagement.
    • Visitor flow.
    • Page usability / Bounce rate.
    • Linkbuilding hacks.
    • Embeds.
    • Networking.
    • Mobile SEO hacks.
  • 3 – Technical SEO Optimization
    • Flat architecture.
    • Subdomains.
    • Crawling parameters / URL Structure.
    • Site maps.
    • How this relates to enterprise, ecommerce.
    • When to use robots.txt, no-follow, no-follow no-index.
    • Dynamic pages / dynamic search.
    • Google Page Speed Insights.
    • HTML – alt text, structured data.
    • One-page lannax scrolling sites.
    • How does Google read CSS and JavaScript.
    • JavaScript in links.
    • Structured Data Markup – different uses.
    • Foreign language SEO.
    • Scripts to create page titles, meta descriptions.
    • Creating mobile SEO friendly websites.
  • 4 – The Future of Google Search
    • Ben Gomes video on Google Search’s mission.
    • Top algorithm Monitoring Tools.
    • Review of major Google algorithm updates.
    • Panda and Penguin updates.
    • How to handle penalization – disavow, backlink checks.
    • Humming Bird update.
    • Pigeon update.
    • On-page variables no longer relevant.
    • Removal of Google Authorship.
    • Changes to SERPs – auto complete, auto answer returns.
    • Carousels.
    • Skewing results to directories.
    • Premium content.
    • Information sites.
    • Future penalty types.
    • Mobile search numbers .
    • Mobile UX.
    • How Mobile search is changing.
    • Review of Google search projects

Cort Tafoya: SEO, SEM & Content Marketing Expert

Cort Tafoya is a growth hacker and founder at who has used SEO to increase web traffic and acquisition at every company he’s been a part of. Tafoya is a guest speaker at PARISOMA, the Startup Leadership Program, AcademyX and Hack Reactor as well as an AirPair SEO consultant. He’s participated as an SEO expert on website redesign teams, SEO campaigns for various clients, performed tons of SEO audits and even consulted on projects to remove Google penalties from various websites. Currently he’s an SEO / marketing consultant for multiple companies in the S.F. area.

Prerequisites: You need to have access to your website back-end and the ability to modify titles, texts, and urls. Familiarity with the following tools can help you maximize your time in this class: Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, website content management systems and blogging platforms.

Well-suited for:

  1. Marketing Coordinators, Associates, or Managers.
  2. Digital Marketers.
  3. Web Marketing Consultants.
  4. Entrepreneurs.
  5. Startup Marketers.
  6. SEO Enthusiasts.

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆5/5 stars

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