Markham Web Design IFM, Offers 10 SEO Myths and Mistakes that are Widely used on Websites Today and should be Avoided

Markham Ontario (PRWEB) October 28, 2013

Over the last few years, getting good search engine optimization for better positioning and traffic from search engines, has become harder to achieve. Actually, its not literally harder, per se, it’s more about being smarter in terms of the methods and practices used to maintain or achieve better results.

Len Doren of In Front Media says, For our clients in Markham, building a website, where an SEO component has also been requested, even before the site development begins, we would provide the necessary SEO research and analysis first. That way, when we begin building the website, we build it with the optimization requirements in place, rather than having to change the structure, navigation or content after the fact.

To help site owners decipher between the good, the bad and the nonsense, here are 10 SEO myths and mistakes.

1) “Content is king and will rank a site high.”

Well, once a visitor is on the site, they will might be impressed with the content, but site owners have to get the visitors there in the first place.

“2) The more keyword verbiage on a page, the better.”

Stuffing web pages with keywords is one of the biggest mistakes one can make. Pages should be made for humans first search engines second.

3) “The guarantee of first page listings!”

Sure, first page listing is easy to obtain for extraneous terms and phrases that no one is or will be searching for. If theres a guarantee of first page listing offered for any SEO plan, even with a money back guarantee (which one may never see), run dont walk away.

4) “The more back-links you have, the higher the sites ranking.”

Well, that’s just not true. Its not about quantity; its about quality. The more quality sites that are linking to ones site, will trump thousands of low-quality spammy links.

5) “The higher the Page Rank the higher a site can rank.”

Maybe it was true at one time, but not true any more. There are many sites with low page rank still getting better positioning than some higher page rank sites. While Page Rank still is a factor in a sites ranking, it carries less weight today.

“6) Great content does not need changing.”

Well, if a site wants to be crawled by search engine bots regularly, if not more often, changeable content has become stronger as a signal. The more often ones’s site is crawled, is deemed to be a positive signal to the search engines.

7) “If the H1 element is important, using it multiple times on a page is a good thing.”

No its not good. It’s highly unusual to need to use the H1 attribute more than once per page. Thats why theres H2, H3, H4 attributes that should be used after the first H1 is used.

8) “Black Hat or Grey Hat theyre both good tactics.”

There are no ‘hats’. One either follows search engine guidelines or not. If not, and a site is found to circumvent guidelines, it can be de-ranked or de-indexed. Play fair, and follow search engine guidelines for consistent or better rankings.

9) “A Facebook Fan page will increase a website’s rankings.”

Facebook and other social media signals are stronger these days, but those signals are not the be-all and end-all for good rankings. A social media presence is a good thing when used as part of an online marketing plan, so don’t worry about website rankings from the social media platforms.

10) “SEO is Dead!”

This statement can be found on forums, blogs, social media and many other locations. Usually, however, this happens every time Google updates its search algorithm. The truth is, SEO isnt dead. Site owners and SEOers have to be smarter at what they do for their sites and “change with the times”, to maintain good ranking.

So, there are many things to consider when marketing one’s site on the Internet today. Consider talking to a local design/SEO company to answer any questions pertaining to marketing the company website.

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