Mars Curiosity Rover is sending back photos again

Mars Curiosity Rover is sending back photos again
But now Curiosity is out of safe mode, and transmitting data and photographs from across the inky depths of space. Unfortunately, we're about to dip into another dark spot for communication with the robot. For almost all of April, the Sun will be …
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Cordy 2 will keep you plugged in
All photos from the Google Play Store. Available formats: Android, iOS … Even the game's upbeat soundtrack is guaranteed to elicit a grin or two, unless you have a cold metallic heart of, well, an unfeeling robot. BUZZ KILLER. All it takes is a bop …
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VGo robot brings doctors to patients at St. Elizabeth in Delphi
The center — which offers rehabilitation and long-term care — now offers VGo, a sleek robot that allows doctors to video conference with their patients as well as record video and take high-resolution photos. “It's complimentary to doctors' visits …
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