Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD Trailer (HD)

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23 thoughts on “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD Trailer (HD)

  1. Why would you think that a trailer for Agents of SHIELD would be for a movie that’s not coming out until 2015? Regardless, you should probably still watch it on ABC since it does tie into the Avengers universe and elements of it very well may show up in The Avengers 2.

  2. They didn’t want another iron-man movie to be advertisement for the Avengers. Now that avengers is over they want to give iron-man a chance to be just iron-man, not a Huge nod to the avengers.

  3. Plus, the Mandarin in the movie wasn’t real, it was just a load of garbage they pieced together. Could’ve been a lot better on their end and made him a real villain along with the other guys that were injected and that would’ve just been INSANE.

  4. I see your point. I was a bit miffed as a viewer. I thought they could have mentioned it somehow. Not actually have shield do anything major, leave that to Tony. Maybe Tony could have contacted them for info and they could have said they have precious little or something. I just thought they should have some brief presence as there was a big fuss made about them in Avengers.

  5. Ah, you’re right. Shield technically should have been in Iron man 3. They could have easily done things that we somewhat hard for tony stark to do, like breaking into the bad guys mansion. The answer to your question is simple though. If they had put shield in the movie, then there would have been no movie. The entire point of IM3 was to show that tony stark was iron man, not vice versa. Think about it, if the dumb blonde doesnt trip and fall while running through the woods, it’s kills suspense.

  6. I didn’t mean have those specific characters in the movie. I’m talking about the organization. The Mandarin was a global terrorist threat, SHIELD is in place to stop those threats. They had zero presence in the film even though the Avengers said they were made to oppose such threats. Any no name Shield agents could have been shown or at least referenced.

  7. That’s what I thought. It’s called Agents of Shield, afterall, not Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, or any other superhero. If it’s done right, and I expect it to be since it’s Joss Wheadon, I think it will be an interesting look at an aspect of the Marvel Universe that we haven’t seen before.

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