Mass Effect 3 – Walkthrough Part 13 – Robotic Robots! (Xbox 360/PS3/PC Gameplay & Commentary)

Mass Effect 3 - Walkthrough Part 13 - Robotic Robots! (Xbox 360/PS3/PC Gameplay & Commentary)

Mass Effect 3 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 13 THE BEST HOTTEST HD Walkthrough on YouTube! (Gameplay & Commentary) Let’s Play / Playthrough with live commentary. I’ll be doing the full Mass Effect 3 Hot Girl Walkthrough so please leave a comment, rating, and subscribe if you enjoyed the video! FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER! GHOSTROBO SHIRTS AND STICKERS! Thanks for watching :) Click here to subscribe! MASS EFFECT 3 FULL WALKTHROUGH PLAYLIST: masseffect girl male female guy hottest hot vanguard infiltrator sentinel adept soldier mordin thane miranda james kaiden ashley death perfect complete new game plus new character all powers all guns best class best team beginning story

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25 Responses to Mass Effect 3 – Walkthrough Part 13 – Robotic Robots! (Xbox 360/PS3/PC Gameplay & Commentary)

  1. Jon Huizer says:

    Damn dude

  2. ShootingStar Molly says:

    Damn, Garrus you are so cool and awesome. I love how he talks and i just love everything about him. X3

  3. AXL5221 says:

    thumbs up for nickelodeon theme remix

  4. thatgriefer says:

    how shes a robot… no genetalias.

  5. darknessknows1235 says:

    no they only pick history at random when you havent played the previous games

  6. 6mon25key92 says:

    I mean like in the game you can meet a girl named Ashley when you first start or a guy (could kill her in the first?) and if you never played the first game what one do you get? or I think in the first too if you save the council or not or if someone is dead that can be in this game if you saved them in mass effect 1 or 2. Do they pick the history at random Sorry it’s so long

  7. darknessknows1235 says:


  8. 6mon25key92 says:

    what is the game like if this is the first mass effect you play. do they make the choices for you as in people that are alive or other things you choose in 1 and 2

  9. MrD3V1LD0M says:

    penis! thumbs up ? 

  10. gbdeck200 says:

    wow EDI finally useable, neat also legion + EDI

  11. blazerrx4257 says:

    ghost how much are your shirts  i want one

  12. Demonicpurity says:

    There doesn’t seem to be any precedents on dating your ship…

  13. rancorlover says:

    i dare you to romance garrus

  14. dean kelly says:

    please click on my name for I am alive walkthrough shotgun location and Ultimate Rescuer achievement ( shadowdeankelly)

  15. greatchaosfireballof says:

    0:40 jerk,jerk,jerk, jerk,jerk,jerk, jerk,jerk,jerk, jerk,jerk, jerk,jerk,jerk,

  16. TheJackedUpPerson says:

    ╭━━━━━━━━━╮╭┓┈┈┏╮ ┃┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┃┃╰╮╭╯┃ ┃┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┃╰━┓┏━╯ ┃┈┈┈┈┈-●┈┈┈╰━━╯┃ ┣━━━━━━╯┈┈┈┈┈┈┃ ╰━━━━━━━━━━━━━╯ I have whale. :)

  17. BeardedZombieGaming says:

    check out my channel guys, I’m uploading more mass effect 3 vids everyday w/ live commentary!

  18. E Jay says:

    I’ll start faving these videos if we get longer ones… 20 minutes Ghost, 20 minutes.

  19. TruthatCearcie says:

    5:15 yep, super cool and kinda hot, lol!

  20. osamabradleybin says:

    finished it 

  21. dared111 says:

    That image has been around before ME3. It’s not the photoshopped in one of ME3

  22. UltimaXXXBirchie says:

    Ghost go talk to joker he has an excellent remark on EDI’s new body.

  23. TheSupersheamus says:

    i thought u became male shepard

  24. SuperEnergiez says:

    Check out wikipedia, im sure there is something there

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