Massachusetts Institute of Technology – MIT Campus Tour

MIT tour of impressive buildings and 168 acre campus spanning over a mile along the Charles River in Cambridge, MA.

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25 Responses to Massachusetts Institute of Technology – MIT Campus Tour

  1. Angelina DiMauro says:

    Commandment Number One: Thou shalt have no other gods before Lucy (12/13/1927 – 7/7/1990) & Pat DiMauro (1/1/1924 – 5/23/1974). Friday, March 29, 2013 (Common Era), 9:36 A.M. (Earth – Eastern Standard Time)

  2. tony dai says:

    i really really love this university ,it is my aspiration. i hope i will get this school one day ,i know i will. i am a chinese in China,but this university is a sacred place for all of us !~~

  3. Matt Williams says:

    My home for 7 out of 7 days a week.

  4. Randevous223 says:

    oh really…

  5. thelucasdkp says:

    Estarei la! =D

  6. Delon Jordan says:

    Thats a good school.

  7. gogban says:

    Please name the background music .

  8. wworldp says:

    You are in for a terrific trip. All the more if you like walking. When in Boston, you might want to see Beacon Hill. From there you can take the Harvard Bridge over the river; it comes in at the MIT campus. Both Harvard and MIT are in Cambridge.

  9. Luciano gozo says:

    I’m visiting Boston, Harvard and I would like to see some of these buildings during my trip.. how far is all of this from Harvard Square ? Is there any easy/cheap way to reach the MIT campus from there ?

  10. lolasogm says:

    sorry, i’m from spain so my english is not the best

  11. Dario900ify says:

    Yeah, I’m finding it hard to buy the fact that you are an engineer. You can’t even spell PHYSICISTS or ENGINEERS.

  12. lolasogm says:

    yeah, but we make much more money than phisisists and all those science only guys, that finally end up just as a professor, not earning even half as engeneers. P.S: I get the sheldon cooper reference, but look at his life…

  13. Dario900ify says:

    Engineering, where the noble semi-skilled laborers execute the vision of those who think and dream. Hello Oompa Loompas of science!

  14. tnimpala says:

    Were you on a scholarship. I am currently going to 8th grade this year and i have taken the ACT and gotten a score of 19. What are the minimums for the college? The career that i dream for is to be in software engineering. <3

  15. Connor Kenway says:

    r u phd student??

  16. MrMAMACAPITAL says:

    What are requirements to enter this school? I’m a Junior in HS looking at schools. Please help.

  17. Kenan Maraşlı says:

    Hope so = ]

  18. Abdulrahman Salah says:

    I hope will will meet there one day :) So remember me please

  19. John G. Lewis says:

    You did a great job here, btw, Wanda. Thank you.

  20. John G. Lewis says:

    No…I rather liked Simmons Hall. My objection to the auditorium was that it was largely glass and Iron… which contrasts it to almost every other building on the beautiful campus. I would say that MIT might be our lead school here in the states, surpassing Harvard, Cal Tech, Yale, Stanford, and all the rest. I think Harvard may be a second… not so much because of the campus (a neg. if anything), but the academic life. I dislike the fact Yale req. a foregn language prof. to graduate!

  21. Kenan Maraşlı says:

    My dream is to be an aerospace engineer. 😀 Hopefuly, I will study this in MIT

  22. wworldp says:

    I guess these buildings didn’t speak to you as they did to me. The idea of an auditorium dome as huge as the one at MIT resting on three points is something I find amazing. It was built at the same time as the nearby Chapel (also designed by Saarinen) so they are seen as almost two pieces of one project. The auditorium also compliments Rogers Hall; it also has a dome. With Simmons Hall, maybe the colors look better in person….it is such a HUGE building; it almost demands to be seen in person.

  23. John G. Lewis says:

    Thank you Wanda, this was a wonderful tour! Yes, I would have to say that MIT stands in the forefront of American schools, considering their campus. But I have two objections: one the major, the other the minor. The first: from what I could see, I don’t believe that Saarinen’s ridiculous auditorium goes with the rest of the campus. It is not attractive in itself, and it is inconsistent. The latter, the lesser: I thought, though that Simmons Hall was intriguing, the colours were wrong.

  24. Marzapanmarah says:

    4 more years…

  25. FreeStuffCoolCom says:

    It’s so cool

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