Massive Anthem data breach may affect 80M customers

Massive Anthem data breach may affect 80M customers
"Anthem was the target of a very sophisticated external cyber attack," Anthem president and CEO Joseph Swedish said in a statement posted on a website the company created for information about the incident. The hackers gained access to Anthem's …
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Google Issues Warnings About Poor Search Rankings For Non-Mobile Sites
If Google detects an issue with your site in terms of how it's displayed or how it functions on mobile, be prepared to get an email warning that your site may not rank as well in mobile search results. The email will indicate which site and which pages …
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College finds 'Niche' with diversity ranking
In early January, Niche, a website that provides reviews and expert insight about schools and other organizations, released a ranking of colleges based on their excellence in campus-wide diversity, and Columbia ranked fourth among 36 Illinois colleges.
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