Massive Web Design Tutorial in Photoshop (720p HD)

I will be showing you how to create a simple web design in photoshop. There may be a second half to the tutorial on how to code this, but I am not sure yet. I say a couple times that this video maybe be in many parts because it is such a long video, but I was able to bring it down to one big part.

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20 Responses to Massive Web Design Tutorial in Photoshop (720p HD)

  1. heyhelloallpeople says:

    Wow! Excellent Work Man Thanks Again for This Tutorial! And I’m Watched You From AZERBAIJAN!

  2. fusionedesign7 says:

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  3. riz chelsea says:

    Wow this is very good Video looking very interesting & attractive.I LOVE TO SEE YOUR Videos.Thanks for sharing.

  4. serpholic says:

    Wow webdesign with Photoshop nice tutorial video i like it

  5. Plan3SkIPP3R says:

    Photoshop CS6 FTW!

  6. Ramesh Rai says:

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  10. jafferi19 says:

    how is coming pencil line?

  11. chbpartner says:

    great job dude! dont let them rock your boat:-) your site gone, done?

  12. perfectlyhappy2012 says:

    God I hate PS. Gimme the gimp.

  13. salamsucuksosis says:

    i’m failed on building a button. when i try to use gradient button, it says “its not editable” something like that. i’m very angry 😡

  14. ballett24 says:

    thanks ! 

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  16. 4sadith says:

    where is the cording part? 

  17. HelpfulComputerTech says:

    Where is part 2? The coding part?

  18. LeftyRC1 says:

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  19. aldringo2006 says:


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