Master Class Series: What a leader should know

Master Class Series: What a leader should know
Event on 2014-11-27 17:30:00

In today’s globally commercial climate, effective leadership is critical to the success and survival of any organisation. Business leaders are facing increasing pressures to respond to challenges and remain competitive. Embedding up-to-date thinking within your organisation through investing into essential skills development is a key strategy that can reap long-term rewards.

Join teaching staff from our Executive MBA and business MSc programmes who will share with you their commercial knowledge, research experience and tips for best practice in a selection of insightful and inspiring sessions – the first in a series of professional Master Classes for 2014/15.


5.30pm            Registration and refreshments – Business School Atrium                                              

Sign in and meet tutors, staff and other attendees over light refreshments.

6.00pm            Keynote Master Class: 

Emotional Intelligence in High Performing Leaders – Coaching a Team to Drive the Business!

Stephanie Sturges

Stephanie will lead us through some of the latest thinking on how organisations can establish    internal foundations of trust, achieve greater employee commitment and performance accountability, which ultimately leads to better organisational results and makes for true knowledge management.

Stephanie Sturges is a Principal Lecturer, joint Course Leader on the Masters in Sport Directorship and teaches on the MSc Leadership programme at MMU Business School.   


Following the keynote, you will have the choice to attend one of the following Master Classes relating to the subjects of Project Management, Digital Marketing or International Economics:                          

Option 1:        Lessons from History – Learning from Past Project Failures

                      Lewis D Endlar MBA (Technology Management)

Despite a rapid growth in the number of projects being undertaken globally and the emergence of   a wide range of project tools, techniques and methodologies to deliver these, the number of failed projects is still far too high.

Can we learn from past project failure?

This presentation reviews some of the major projects from history and assembles some useful insights into managing modern day projects.

Lewis Endlar has been involved in the research and teaching of Information Systems for over 25 years and is Course Leader for MSc Project Management at MMU Business School.

Option 2:        Demographics are Dead!

David Edmundson-Bird

Why you as a business leader need to know that your future audience is who you think it is. David will present the essential new customer picture to understand and embrace the powers of:

      • Digital behaviour as an indicator of audience
      • The context of people’s location in the physical and digital world
      • Psychographics analysis: the targeting of beliefs, values, opinions, attitudes, interests and lifestyles

David will use these methods to show how new audiences that want and need your products can be accurately targeted, and will show how you can identify future product development and sales opportunities based on these ideas.

David Edmundson-Bird is a Principal Lecturer and Course Leader for MSc Digital Marketing at MMU Business School.

Option 3:        The Global Market in 2050 – What will it look like?

Dr Stuart Barrett

The speed of change in the global economy is such that the economic landscape will look very differently in just a few decades. The developing regions of Africa and Asia are predicted to increase their populations by over 2.2 billion by 2050, whilst the developed nations are expected to have diminishing populations by 2025 (Population Reference Bureau, 2012).

Within these broad demographic shifts there will emerge a potentially huge consuming middle class from today’s developing markets.  Understanding these shifts, and responding effectively to the resulting challenges and opportunities will be a central task of businesses leaders in the forthcoming decades.

Stuart Barrett is a Senior Lecturer and lead for International Economics on the Executive MBA programme at MMU Business School.

7.30pm           Networking and Close

Opportunity to network with academics, programme leaders and other professionals over a selection of refreshments.

Admission is free but booking is essential.

Who will benefit?
Managers, staff with an interest in developing their skills, business leaders, owners of SMEs and professionals who want to combine a part-time executive programme with their full-time careers. 

Book your place

This is a free event but you must reserve your place. Places are limited to a maximum of two per company. 



at Business School and Student Hub
Manchester Metropolitan University, All Saints Campus
Manchester, United Kingdom

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